Crypto payments services Provider



Crypto payments services Provider


PlasBit is a unique cryptocurrency company that values financial freedom, liberty, and human rights. They strive to make a difference by increasing economic freedom through blockchain technology.

PlasBit cards

Virtual Card

Pay in crypto without the need for a physical card

Plastic Card

Pay crypto and withdraw funds through an ATM with the plastic card

Metal Card

Pay with the unbreakable card that breaks the crypto market


PlasBit Visa Card is a prepaid card. Broadly speaking, prepaid cards are the same as debit cards. The difference is that debit cards are linked to your bank account,but prepaid cards need to be topped up. In our case, you can top up using only cryptocurrency from your PlasBit wallet.

To do so, first sign up for a account and open your own secured wallet. Next, go to the ‘Wallet’ tab in the dashboard and deposit crypto into your Wallet. After, go to the ‘Cards’ tab in the dashboard, Choose the card tier you’re applying for, tap the ‘Get this Card’ button and follow the on-screen instructions. Finally, pay for the card from your wallet balance. Now, all you need to do is to wait for us to notify you when your card has being approved!

You can top up your card using your crypto from your PlasBit Wallet. Go to the ‘Cards’ tab, tap ‘Funding’, and select your preferred crypto wallet to fund your card from.

It typically takes 10 to 14 business days for EU/EEA addresses and up to 4 weeks for APAC addresses.

Just tap, swipe, or use pin & chip with your PlasBit Visa Card. We take care of the crypto to fiat conversion for you automatically when you pay at any merchant.

We have competitive exchange rates for both fiat and cryptocurrencies. The exact rates depend on your jurisdiction and card tier. You can read all these details in the PlasBit Visa Card Terms and Conditions when you apply for your card.

Information about fees and limits (i.e.ATM withdrawals, interbank exchange rates, top-ups, etc.) can be found in the ‘Fees & Limits’ section under in the Card page comparison table. Fees vary by card tier, so be sure you’re checking the correct one.

PlasBit debit card is denominated in USD/EURO and can be loaded with the cardholders’ PlasBit wallet. To top it up, you can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano and USDC that you receive in your PlasBit wallet, as the card can only be loaded with cryptocurrency.

What is PlasBit?

Since 2020 PlasBit has strived to bring professional financial services to the world of crypto currencies. PlasBit empowers the power of blockchain technology to showcase the value behind crypto assets, Shaping a new, better financial system not beholden to country borders or specific government.